Tracy Hill. Courtesy the artist

Tracy Hill

Participant category:Co-curator of Digital Aesthetic³ 2012 at the PR1 Gallery at the University of Central Lancashire


Working with combinations of conventional paper prints and installation works using sound and projection, I investigate the idea that we are constantly considering our personal worlds within a wider world of grids and reference points.

Robert Penn Warrens suggestion that modern mapping is not interested in the possibilities of discovery and that “the earth has lost its capability to keep secrets”

“LifeLines” 2010 and “Field of Vision” 2011 are both projects investigating different elements of mapping whilst exploring the potential of the new acrylic and digital elements within printmaking.
“Lifelines” explores ideas of how modern mapping systems seek to bring order to the natural world and in doing so suppresses the natural balance on us. The challenge of finding wild places within our modern world from maps which create a bias towards motorised travel intrigues me and is one which I explore through these works.

Installations from “Lifelines” were first shown at The Centre for Contemporary art, Preston during 2010.
These works was also selected by Richard Noyce, international art critic and curator, for the 2011 Wrexham Print International.

In 2011 ‘Inspired to…’ the main event during Warrington’s contemporary arts festival. Lifelines installation work were selected to hang alongside paintings and artifacts from the Museum’s permanent collection exploring journeys.

“Field of Vision” is a collaboration with Martha Oatway, artist and president of Washington Printmakers to link the professional studios in Washington DC with the print studios at UCLAN. Through the residency programme run by Pyramid Atlantic Hill worked with artists and directors of the space in Washington to produce a new body of work exploring the developments in acrylic printmaking processes.

The project explored the hidden landscapes of both Lancashire and Washington DC. Using mapped walking routes they explored areas which conventional maps seem poor at representing, open spaces between densely populated areas or vertical space on the margins of rivers and roads.
The resulting works aimed to broaden the appreciation of such places whilst challenging perceptions of printmakers, how by encompassing the use of new technologies and methods it is possible to communicate ideas which exceed the boundaries of traditional print.
The project was supported by Washington Printmakers Gallery in Washington DC who showcased the project in December 2011.
In February 2012 the works were exhibited in The Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston.
In 2012 installations and paper works from this project are being shown in the main exhibition for the International print triennial, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art Krakow, the RBSA print biennial in the UK and a retrospective invitational exhibition at the Regional Print Centre, Wrexham.


Born in Birmingham Tracy Hill studied Fine Art at Bournville School of Art and Sheffield Hallam University.

Currently working and living in the North West of England  Hill’s research examines how the conventional processes of printmaking and the new developing acrylic and digital technologies can be combined to produce innovative ways to challenge the definitions of print.  Investigations into new technologies have been influenced by the global need to create safer alternatives for artists using printmaking in their practice.

Hill is developing strategies through this research to form collaborative partnerships between other professional facilities. It is her intention to examine the new opportunities these alternatives offer expanding the language and boundaries of printmaking. 

In 2011 Hill’s research with Emma Gregory investigating the use of new acrylic based aquatints was published in Printmaking Today and the accompanying website has since been linked with other specialist sites researching new printmaking technologies.

Hill has shown works extensively across the UK and Internationally in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Krakow, Serbia, Shanghai and USA.


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