Lindsay Taylor

Participant category:Co-curator of The Digital Aesthetic Project and speaker at the conference


Lindsay Taylor led contemporary art programme at the Harris from 2004 – 2013. She successfully initiated and delivered a number of innovative and complex exhibitions and projects including:

• Paradise by Kultug Ataman (2008), an international co-commission and solo show,
• Plastic Culture: Legacies of Pop (2009), an artist curated touring exhibition with major international loans,
• Recent Findings: Simon Faithfull (2010) a solo show and site specific public realm performance with the AND Festival, and
• A Private Affair: Personal Collections of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Society North West in 2012.

Lindsay has been instrumental in all three manifestations of the Digital Aesthetic Project and has developed an expertise in commissioning and collecting digital art.

Related curatorial projects:

• Passages (2009), the first British solo show and two acquisitions by pioneering French video artist Robert Cahen,
• Current: An Experiment in Collecting Digital Art (2011) an open call, exhibition, debate and acquisition of a networked gallery installation by Thomson and Craighead, and
• Piercing Brightness exhibition by Shezad Dawood (2011) with the acquisition of the co-commissioned video Trailer.

Lindsay chaired the North by NorthWest Contemporary Visual Art Network from 2009-2012, successfully delivering an impact study on the social, cultural and economic benefits of the contemporary visual arts in Lancashire and Cumbria, and a bespoke leadership development programme for members.

Lindsay contributed a chapter to a new book edited by Beryl Graham about collecting new media art and audience relationships to these collections.

In 2013, Lindsay became Collections Curator at the University of Salford.