Aneta Krzemien

Participant category:Co-curator of the Digital Aesthetic project


Aneta Krzemien Barkley is a researcher and curator currently working as a Collaborative Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for Architecture and Visual Arts (CAVA), The Liverpool School of Architecture and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool. Her research examines the transformation of contemporary art practices and the changing role of new media art in a wider socio-cultural context through a series of case studies focusing on FACT’s recent and current projects. As part of the collaborative research, she is also co-curating TURNING FACT INSIDE OUT exhibition, which will be shown in the summer 2013 at FACT.

Prior to her current role, Aneta worked as a Research Assistant at the Electronic and Digital Research Unit (EDAU) at the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) and as an Associate Lecturer at the School of Art, Design and Performance at UClan.

Aneta has worked as part of the curatorial team on Digital Aesthetic 2, 2007 and Digital Aesthetic 3, 2012