Digital Aesthetic 2, 2007

Digital Aesthetic 2 was a multi-venue exhibition and symposium curated in partnership by Chris Meigh-Andrews (Electronic and Digital Art Unit, UCLan) and Lindsay Taylor (Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston) in March 2007.

Building on the highly successful exhibition, conference and website The Digital Aesthetic (Autumn 2001), Digital Aesthetic 2 brought together some of the most significant international vartists, theorists and academics working in the field pf new media and digital art.

Exhibitions took place at venues across the city of Preston between March – June 2007, at Preston Minster, PAD Gallery, PR1 Gallery and the Harris Museum & Art Gallery. 

Artists and participants included: Peter Appleton (UK), Vince Briffa (Malta), Simon Blackmore (UK), Robert Cahen (FR), Susan Collins (UK), Sean Cubitt (Aus), eBoy (Ger), David Garcia (UK/NL), Stefan Gec (UK), Charlie Gere (UK), Clive Gillman (UK), Gary Hill (USA), Jane Prophet (UK), Avi Rosen (IL) Bill Seaman (USA), Paul Sermon (UK), David Surman (UK), Steina  and Woody Vasulka (IS/CZ/USA), Thompson & Craighead (UK), Andrea Zapp (UK) and Lori Zippay (USA).